SaunaGus is aromatherapy in a sauna, where a gusmaster works with essential oils on the hot stones and swings the scent of the oils and the heat around the sauna with a towel, so that a pleasant relaxed atmosphere is created.

Butchers Heat only uses pure essential oils, which give a mild scent with varying effects of relaxation, calm, circulation, cleansing effect, provides renewed energy and a great well-being.

For most saunagus sessions, it is nice to be cooled down between each SaunaGus, – all year round ☀️❄️

Gusmester laver saunagus
Vand hældes på stenene i sauna

SaunasGus for children

We also do saunagus events for children, ´KidsGus´. Children from the age of 7 are welcome here. We make a saunagus session of a total of one hour duration, which is specially tuned for children, so the heat is adapted to children and therefore is not too hot.

We are of course very aware that everyone is well, gets plenty to drink along the way and enjoys it. We provide water and snacks for the breaks between each gus, where there is also time to get cooled down. However, it is still a good idea for all the children to have their own water bottle with them, which they can bring to the sauna, as it will probably be nice to have a sip during the heat. It is also a good idea to bring bathrobes, as it can be a little cold outdoors during breaks.

SaunasGus for pregnant women

We do not recommend SaunaGus for pregnant women, but welcome the women on the other side of the pregnancy.


At Butchers Heat, we provide exclusive opportunities for private gatherings, including corporate events and bachelor parties. Our unique offerings include two distinct saunas for your enjoyment. The first is a mobile sauna known as the SaunaTruck, and the second is a stationary sauna situated at Margretheholm Harbour. The SaunaTruck comfortably accommodates approximately 12 guests, while the stationary sauna can host up to 15 individuals, depending on your group’s sizes and preferences.

Usually, we recommend a one-hour session that includes 3 rounds of SaunaGus with essential oils, accompanied by delightful music and relaxing lighting. During the breaks, there is an opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the sea, and we also provide fresh fruit, snacks, and water for your convenience. The total cost for this experience is DKK 4,300 for either of the saunas of your choice. If you prefer a different location for the mobile SaunaTruck, there will be an additional charge, for example, Svanemøllen Strand is priced at DKK 5,200. When considering alternative locations, please note that there may be additional expenses depending on factors such as location-specific fees, parking conditions, and transport time. If you’re interested in obtaining pricing details and further information for other locations, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Sometimes we also do pop-ups on the weekends too, download our app BUTCHERS HEAT and check our calendar for events and keep an eye on Facebook and Intagram where we also post all events.
We get a lot of booking inquiries, so do not hesitate too long to book if you are interested and feel free to write well in advance if you want a specific time.

Butchers Heat sauna truck has also participated in various festivals, we have been to Copenhell, City Link Festival, Distortion, CPH PRO etc. Below you can read a description of our regular events. Space can be reserved and paid for via our booking system on this page. See you soon in the heat! 

Saunagus i truck ved havet

Prices Butchers Heat

We do different types of SaunaGus events. Our regular events, is tuesday and thursday evening at 7 pm and 8 pm. Saturday at 9 am and 10 am, sunday at 10 am and 11 am Margretheholmen in our stationary sauna. In between, we also do SaunaTruck popups in various other places, often thursdays at Svanemølle Strand, some Sundays at KÆRHOLM, Martin Luther Kingsvej, Kbh SV.

The sessions are one hour. The gusmester does 3 sessions of about 10 minutes each.

In between, we provide fruit, snacks and water and there is also time to take a dip in the sea. The price is from 220 DKR pr persnon depending on the location. 

Costs from DKK 220 / person. The price depends on where in Copenhagen the event is held. Book via the booking system on the website.

From DKK 220 for available seats, you can show up and pay with MobilePay or cash at SaunaTrucken.

1 piece. 20 kr.

If you have left home without a towel, you can rent one from Butchers Heat.
We rent out in sets of 2, so that you’d have one to sit on in the sauna and one to dry yourself afterwards!

Private SaunaGus events in stationary sauna or the mobile SaunaTruck from DKK SaunaTruck from 4,300.


Write us to find out more.

Boys swimming

Gift card

If you want to give a nice warm experience to a friend or someone you care about, then it is possible to buy a gift card.

As we have a booking system where those who are to participate in saunagus must be set up and booked in person, the process for your purchase of gift cards is as follows: (or you can send us an email and we can do it manuel) 

Go the page BOOKING and select MEMBERSHIPS.

At MEMBERSHIPS, you choose the gift card you want and pay for it by creating a profile on the website, or via our app. If you already have a profile, the same procedure applies.

Subsequently, you write an email to us at: with name, email, phone number, and suggested password for the person who must have the gift card and when the giftcard must be given away. Please write giftcard in the subject field.

We will then send you a PDF you can print out with information. You can also pick up a fine laminated giftcard with a picture by appointment at Butchers Heat. We will then create a user in the system with the relevant information on the person who will get the gift card. We put the number of “credits/gussessions” purchased on the giftcard to the person’s own user, so that he or she can book and book time for a nice saunagus.


Space for an event is only booked when the payment has been completed. You can book up to 2 months in advance and for as many events as desired.

Cancellation policy

We do not refund payments, but it is possible to rebook your seats no later than 48 hours before the event starts.


You can pay via our booking system with VISA or with Mobilepay (869876) or cash in Butchers Heat SaunaTruck.

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