All memberships are curently soldout.

You can become a member of Butcher Heats’ sauna community when you turn 18, if there is room in the community.
Upon registration, all members receive a key bracelet that acts as a key and access to the sauna.

You have a duty to wear the bracelet when using the sauna. This bracelet is personal and it must NOT be lent to others, if this rule is not complied with, you lose your membership.

Sauna opening hours for members: 

Monday kl. 14.00 – 18.00. 

Tuesday kl. 06.00 – kl. 18.00 +  kl.22.00 -kl. 23.00.

Wednesday kl. 06.00 – kl. 23.00.

Thursday kl. 06.00 – kl. 18.00 +  kl.22.00 -kl. 23.00.

Friday  kl. 14.00 – kl. 23.00.

Saturday kl. 07.00 – 09.00 + kl. 18.00- kl. 22.00.

Sunday kl. 07.00 – kl. 09.00 + kl. 13.00 – kl. 22.00.AL

Prices for membership

You can become a member of Butchers Heats’ sauna community throughout the year, the memberships runs for 12 months paid in advance.

-12 months SAUNA membership costs DKK 2,500. (SOLD OUT)

Registration fee DKK 149 (payable only the first year)

Anyone with or without membership can buy saunagus sessions for from DKK 220 / session and book the desired sessions via Butchers Heat app or website.

Opening hours for sauna members and the hours where the sauna is  closed for saunagus sessions.

Children in the sauna community:

Children (0-18 years) to an adult member, can use the sauna for free on the following days and periods together with a member who takes full responsibility for the child. In addition, it is not allowed to take children to the sauna. You will lose your membership if you do not follow this rule!

Gusmester laver saunagus

Start-up in Butcher's Heats sauna community

Once you have paid for your membership, you must attend an introduction to the sauna community as well as have handed out your personal bracelet.

Write us an email and we will arrange an introduction; this can be done at or sms 21818832.

Once you become a member, you will be registered for automatic payment via our provider Stripe.
You pay for one year in advance and have one year sauna use. You must cancel your membership one month before the year has passed, otherwise you will automatically pay for the next year.

Key bracelet

The key bracelet must ALWAYS be worn visibly in the sauna throughout the visit. The bracelet is personal and may not be lent to others at any time, if this happens it is the cause of the discard without notice! If you throw the bracelet away, you must write to us immediately so that we can close down the access.

If the key bracelet is damaged or lost by the member – a new one must be purchased for DKK 200.


It is currently possible to bring guests into the sauna community, but this may change over time as the number of members increases. Guests cost DKK 100/ person. and gives a 2 hours access to the sauna accompanied by an existing member.

A maximum of 4 guests may be brought per. member. Each guest MUST wear a YELLOW ‘guest bracelet’ located in the top key box, so other members can see that people with yellow bracelets are guests. As a member, you have the full responsibility to ensure that your guests behave properly and comply with all rules in the sauna community.

You MUST notify the time period and how many guests are coming, plus pay in advance, before accessing the sauna, to Catrine on sms 21818832. You will need a confirmation before you can bring friends. Failure to do so will result in loss of membership.

Rules of conduct for the community

  • Members only have access the sauna with a visible personal key bracelet.
  • Beep in with bracelets EVERY time you enter the sauna, even if the door is open.
  • Dip yourself in the water before entering the sauna.
  • Sit on a towel/cloth that covers under your feet, if you are on the top bench.
  • No wet swimwear directly on the sauna benches.
  • No beach sandals/shoes inside doors.
  • Speak softly in the sauna and show consideration for other users.
  • No sports or physical exercise may be practiced in the sauna.
  • Pay attention to the modesty of others.
  • Close the door to the sauna quietly and take into account the heat release.
  • Only water must be brought into the sauna and water must be brought in a shatterproof bottle.
  • No food in the sauna.
  • Scrub sponges, masks and body scrubs must not be used in the sauna.
  • Bring your towel with you when you leave the sauna.
  • Show consideration – keep your sweat to yourself, do not twist the towel in the sauna.
  • You are welcome to pour water on the stove, if its ok with the other sauna users.
  • Do not use oils or fragrances other in the sauna.
  • Be careful – the bathing bridge can be slippery.
  • Leave the sauna nice and clean. Use the wiper to scrape water/sweat to the drain in the far right corner under the benches.
  • Rinse the floor with water from water bottles in the entrance, – if these are empty, please send an SMS to Catrine tel. 21818832 – thank you. Note that the water in the cans is NOT drinking water.
  • The use of sauna and outdoor bathing are at your own risk.

Sauna community

When you buy a membership, you get a brief introduction to the place and especially the saunastove, to ensure proper handling. It is important that the guidelines for handling the sauna heater are followed carefully.

The Community reserves the right to close the sauna if it needs to be repaired for a short time. This without compensation for the members.The community is cleaned several times a week, with the sauna briefly closed for access.

During opening hours, you are welcome to stay at the tables and benches outside the sauna, but notice that it a private area. Do not drink alcohol around the sauna.
Resignation from the community must be done on mail min. 1 month before expiration. You can not transfer the membership to another, suspend the membership or get a refund for the remaining time.