Saunatruck ved vandet


SaunaTrucken is a military crew car with a past with the Frømand Corps. The caravan has been converted into an urban mobile sauna with wood burning stove.

Sauna udsigt til vandet

Margretheholmen Sauna

Our stationary sauna on Margretheholmen is right next to the water and is open every day for our members. In addition, open saunagus is held several times a week.

You can download our APP for both android and IOS below. From here it is possible to book and buy your membership.

Vand hældes på stenene i sauna

SaunaGus ✪

Saunagus is aromatherapy in a sauna, where a gusmaster works with essential oils on the hot stones and swings the scent of the oils and the heat around the sauna with a towel, so that a pleasant relaxed atmosphere is created.

Butchers Heat only uses pure essential oils, which give a mild scent with varying effects of relaxation, calm, circulation, cleansing effect, provides renewed energy and a great well-being.


SaunasGus for children
We also do saunagus events for children, ´KidsGus´. Children from the age of 7 are welcome here. We make a saunagus session of a total of one hour duration, which is specially tuned for children, so the heat is adapted to children and therefore is not too hot. We are of course very aware that everyone is well, gets plenty to drink along the way and enjoys it. Read more.


SaunasGus for pregnant women
We do not recommend SaunaGus for pregnant women, but welcome the women on the other side of the pregnancy.